Timber Construction Planning: Involve All Parties at an Early Stage



The timber construction engineer is the process optimized interface: this is how Stefan Zöllig of Timbatec defined the profile of his guild at the 22nd International Timber Construction Forum in Germany. At this important industry event, the Timbatec founder had the opportunity to explain the know-how of timber construction engineers and the services they can provide in planning.

Around 1600 timber experts from all over the world met at the 22nd International Timber Construction Forum (IHF) in Garmisch, Bavaria, at the end of 2016. Most of them came from German-speaking Europe, but the organisers were also able to welcome delegations from other European countries as well as from North and South America, Africa and Asia.  

Around 80 architects, engineers, timber builders and other specialists were invited as speakers to the three-day congress to present and discuss the problems and solutions in timber construction. One of the central topics at the forum was the demands on the timber construction industry in view of population growth and increasing immigration. Another topic was the planning culture for timber construction. 

Stefan Zöllig: Joint Planning from the start

Stefan Zöllig from Timbatec was also a speaker. Zöllig explained that timber construction engineers not only plan wide-span load-bearing structures, but also concepts for fire protection, building physics, statics, element size and arrangement. In addition, timber construction engineers would define the insulation perimeters and impermeability layers. The Timbatec founder pleaded at the International Timber Construction Forum for the involvement of all parties involved in the construction process as early as possible.  

You can read more about Stefan Zöllig's presentation in Garmisch and the Holzforum in the detailed report of the Swiss magazine "Wir Holzbauer".




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