Erect: New School Buildings with Lots of Wood in Münchenstein



Two new buildings on the Lange Heid school grounds in Münchenstein BL have recently been completed, and the topping-out ceremony will soon be celebrated. Both buildings are predominantly made of wood: with the exception of the building cores, most of the two school buildings are made of natural building materials.

Münchenstein is a popular place to live. The Baselbieter municipality borders directly on Basel. Basel's train station and city centre can be reached by public transport within 15 to 20 minutes. The number of inhabitants is increasing and an above-average number of children are growing up, especially in the Lange Heid district. Münchenstein therefore needs more classrooms.     

Almost four years ago, the municipality announced an architectural competition for two new buildings on the Lange Heid school grounds. The Zurich architect Rudolf Moser won it with his project "Central". Moser's project convinced the jury with its high functionality.    

Multi-purpose room for up to 500 people 

On the one hand, a two-story kindergarten will be built, which will also accommodate rooms for a lunch table and a playgroup. On the other hand, a new three-story school building is being built. In addition to classrooms, teachers' and meeting rooms, and rooms for the school management, the new school building will also house an auditorium with space for up to 500 people. Kindergarten and school are scheduled to open in spring 2018. 

Lots of wood for kindergarten and school

In both new buildings, the natural building material wood dominates, which is known to have a positive effect on the learning atmosphere. The external walls with supports, the floors, parapets, the internal walls with integrated supports and the roof are all made of wood.    

Only the building cores with the staircases are of solid construction. The floors in both buildings were hung on the concrete cores for bracing. Timbatec has been entrusted with the timber construction planning for the school buildings.



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