Timbatec Plans Next Large Timber Construction Project



A new district will be built on the former Sulzerareal Plant 1 in Winterthur in the next decade. As the first residential building of the new quarter, the house, Krokodil, is built, a timber construction with most different forms of living.

The second largest city in the canton of Zurich seems to have acquired a taste for timber construction. The first inhabitants of Winterthur Neuhegi soon move into the new timber construction settlement "sue&til." Another major project in timber construction has now become known.

Sustainable timber construction on eight floors

On behalf of Implenia, Timbatec's timber construction engineers are planning an eight-story timber structure called Crocodile with around 250 rental and condominium apartments of all sizes. The house is named after the first electric Gotthard locomotive crocodile. Excavation work for the construction has already begun. 

The planned construction is designed according to the goals of the 2000-watt society. From the ground floor it consists of timber construction. In a media release, Implenia emphasizes that this construction method saves a lot of grey energy compared to a conventional solid structure. And: Timber is a renewable raw material that contributes to sustainability. Implenia also aims to ensure that timber as a building material creates a cosy atmosphere in the apartments. Timber ceilings, supports and beams will be visible. They are thus consciously part of the living space design.

A new district called Lokstadt

The new residential building is part of a new district in Winterthur. It will be built over the next ten years in several stages in a centrally located area of around 120,000 square meters, the former Sulzerareal Plant 1, which will become a home for up to 1,500 people and also serve as a place of work and leisure thanks to a wide range of cultural, sports and dining facilities. 

Representatives of the City of Winterthur, including the Mayor, and Implenia as the owner of the site recently christened the district Lokstadt. The name refers to the former locomotive smithy, which was based here for many years.





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