A Timber Garage creates more space at Gurmels Werkh



The new factory yard hall was recently opened in Gurmels, a neighbouring municipality of Murten. The new building is largely made of timber and has considerable dimensions: The timber hall is 28 meters long and 21 meters wide and offers no internal walls for stiffening. A challenge for the timber construction engineers.

Gurmels in the Fribourg lake district, once a village with 1500 inhabitants, has grown enormously over the last twenty years. Since the turn of the millennium, five surrounding villages such as Guschelmurth or Liebistoth have been incorporated into the municipality of Gurmels. The population of Gurmels almost tripled to 4500 people, and by the same factor the municipal area grew to over 17 square kilometres. 

Due to this growth, the Werkhof, built in 1991, was visibly bursting at the seams and was no longer able to meet the requirements. In addition to the existing building of the Werkhof, the municipality therefore had a new hall built, which was recently put into operation. The new building provides space for the numerous vehicles of the community as well as for a material store of the fire brigade and civil defense.

Timber construction with large span width

The new Werkhof consists of a timber construction with a considerable span: 28 metres long, 21 metres wide. The outside of the hall is clad with trapezoidal sheeting. 

The work yard can be opened almost completely on one side - a challenge for Timbatec's timber construction engineers when it comes to stiffening the building. The new building could not be attached to the building next door, nor does it have interior walls. This meant that only very few walls were available for bracing. To ensure this, steel parts were inserted into the concrete floor to which the bracing walls were connected.

You can find out more about the new Werkhof in Gurmels here.




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