TS3 receives U.S. Patent for Face Bonding



It’s official: TS3 has received the US patent for it’s face bonding technology valid by beginning of 2020. The TS3 technology is the result of ten years of research and development by Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG collaborating with the ETH Zurich and the Bern University of Applied Sciences.

Timbatec has been developing new products and applications for the timber industry since its foundation. Together with our clients and research partners we are developing solutions for individual requirements. One of them is particularly promising: the TS3 technology. TS3 connects wood components at the front and thus realizes large areas in wood.  

The TS3 brand has been registered in the United States of America since 2017. The "United States Patent and Trademark Office", the patent office of the United States of America, has recognised TS3 as a trademark. The trademark registration in the USA ensued that TS3 is not be used by any other company in the USA in connection with timber construction products.     

In 2018, a first patent was granted to protect building structures with columns, column heads and panels for floor slabs. The new patent for the face gluing of wooden building components protects the second key technology of TS3. This is an important milestone for TS3. "At last we can be sure that our face-bonding is really protected in the USA and that we can take legal action against imitators," says Stefan Zöllig, the intellectual father of the technology.   

The investors are also pleased 

The patent is also important economically. After the protection of the brand and the two core technologies of TS3, the value of TS3 AG and thus also that of the shares increases. The US market is about the same size and therefore important for TS3 as the whole European market.




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