Housing Estate Toblerstrasse 

2017, Zürich-Fluntern

 The Zürichberg housing estate captivates with its unusual architecture: 13 compact solitary buildings with a triangular ground plan, which create cabinet-like exterior spaces through their rotated and offset arrangement.


Residential building sue&til 

2019, Winterthur

 sue&til: The currently largest wooden residential building in Switzerland contains 307 apartments, a mixed-use ground floor and 200 parking lots. The 6-storey building is a flagship project for timber construction in Switzerland.


School Complex Chrüzacher 

2017, Bassersdorf

 At the initiative of Timbatec, the new school complex in Bassersdorf produced even more timber than planned. Originally, only the walls of the gym were to be made of timber, but the roof of concrete. Timbatec also proposed to build the roof in timber construction in order to save costs.


The Werkhof of the A16 motorway 

2017, Loveresse BE

 Highest precision was required at the Werkhof of the A16 motorway in Loveresse in the Bernese Jura. Due to the enormous mass of the 150 meter long hall, the timber construction elements had to fit exactly.


Apartment buildings Wolf and Edelweiss 

2017, Andermatt

 After The Chedi Hotel, Timbatec was awarded another contract in the holiday village Andermatt Reuss. At the two apartment buildings Wolf and Edelweiss, the timber construction engineers were responsible for the statics of the roof construction and for the fire protection of the shingle facade of one residential building.


A Residence made entirely of Swiss Timber 

2016, Köniz

 The Arborea residential house in Köniz, which is concealed behind the solidly constructed arcades, is a pure timber construction.


MFH Johnsonhaus 

2014, Köniz

 In the heart of the municipality of Köniz, a residential and commercial building on Neuhausplatz has been built in a sunny location close to the center.


Hotel The Chedi 

2014, Andermatt

 "Andermatt Swiss Alps" is a year-round holiday destination in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The project comprises six 4 and 5-star hotels, around 500 apartments in 42 buildings and 25 exclusive chalets.


Timber Grows with You

More and more large buildings are being built with timber as a renewable building material. Timbatec is a leading, innovative company in this growing future market. We construct multi-story buildings, industrial buildings and bridges in timber. And we develop modern timber construction products according to individual requirements.

  • TS3 at the lido Hopfräben, Brunnen

    TS3 at the lido Hopfräben, Brunnen

    19.08.2021 Line

    Seemingly weightless, the new TS3 construction roofs the service and changing buildings of the lido in Brunnen. Together with Dettling Holzbau and steinerARCHITEKTUR TS3 invites to a project tour with aperitif - a good opportunity to get to know the technology.

  • Extension in large format

    Extension in large format

    17.08.2021 Line

    With careful renovation and a large-scale addition, the venerable cardboard and paper mill in the Bern suburb of Stettlen is being transformed into modern living space and a hub for startups and many creative and bright minds. Armin Schawalder will present the project at the Forum Holzbau in Cologne on October 20.

  • Invitation to the first cellar made of wood

    Invitation to the first cellar made of wood

    16.08.2021 Line

    The BMW15 apartment building in Thun is an innovative showcase project: it stands on the first cellar made of wood in Switzerland, does not require heating and breaks new ground in digital planning. On 1 September, we invite you to a guided tour together with the Initiative Holz BE.

  • School Dotzigen goes into operation

    School Dotzigen goes into operation

    13.08.2021 Line

    After the summer vacations, around 100 students will take the new school building into use. The timber construction convinces with a generous and flexible room concept - this requires a well thought-out structural concept.

  • Topping out ceremony in the wild garden «Rosenhügel»

    Topping out ceremony in the wild garden «Rosenhügel»

    09.08.2021 Line

    On the «Rosenhügel» above the city of Vienna, living space for 2,300 people is being created on various building sites. Timbatec accompanies the construction site seven as local construction supervisor - here ten residential houses in timber construction are built. Last week the topping-out ceremony took place.

  • best architects award

    best architects award

    02.08.2021 Line

    The «best architects award» is one of the most prestigious architectural awards. The jury recently honored 81 projects with the «best architects 22 award» - among them a conspicuous number of timber construction projects. Timbatec congratulates all winners and is pleased to be involved in several winning projects.

  • Construction site aperitif in the TS3 large-scale project

    Construction site aperitif in the TS3 large-scale project

    15.07.2021 Line

    In Frenkendorf in Basel-Land, the first four-story apartment building with a column slab construction made of wood is located. More than 60 people visited the building with TS3 technology.

  • The hanging gardens of Zug

    The hanging gardens of Zug

    22.06.2021 Line

    A new innovation quarter is being built in Zug - the Tech Cluster of Zug. In the midst of the new and renovated buildings stands «Semiramis». A tower with five oversized plant bowls made of wood. Timbatec and TS3 are pleased to be part of this lighthouse project.

  • Construction site aperitif in the highest TS3 building

    Construction site aperitif in the highest TS3 building

    21.06.2021 Line

    The first four-storey column-and-slab construction made of wood was built in Frenkendorf. Thanks to TS3 technology, the building once planned in concrete can be built in wood. We invite you to the construction site tour, TS3 show-pouring and aperitif on 08.07.2021.

  • Opportunity for the timber industry

    Opportunity for the timber industry

    15.06.2021 Line

    The industry is unanimous in stating shortages and in some cases sharp price increases for important products for timber construction. Even more than the increased prices are the long delivery times. In the long term, however, the opportunities and possibilities for strengthening the timber industry with a robust value chain outweigh the shortages.



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