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Timbatechat researched the important properties of staple press bonding on behalf of Probena AG. The aim of this method is to develop a practical alternative to press-fit screw bonding according to the German standard DIN 1052.

Hollow Box Elements zoom
Hollow Box Elements
Test Specimen for Shear Testing zoom
Test Specimen for Shear Testing
Testing System for Shear Testing zoom
Testing System for Shear Testing
Fractured Surfaces before Coloring zoom
Fractured Surfaces before Coloring
Fractured Surface after Coloring zoom
Fractured Surface after Coloring

The Project

Composite cross-sections can be produced by connecting wooden components. These cross-sections have better static properties than their individual cross-sections. The so-called screw press-fit screw bonding has established its position on the market and is approved according to DIN 1052. Staple press bondings and their static properties are unknown today.

Prebena AG is a leader in the manufacture and sale of pneumatic tools, nails and staples. It sees great potential in the field of staple press bonding and commissioned the engineers at Timbatec AG to develop a staple bond with the aim of using it for hollow box girders or ribbed plates and to create a system verification.

Material and Methods

The specimens and methodologyFour different hollow box elements with a mass of 1.25 x 5.0 metres were manufactured under consideration of given manufacturing conditions and defined material components. A total of 630 test specimens were produced from these and subjected to a shear test. The glued joints of the test specimens were subjected to shear stress until fracture. In order to distinguish a fibre fracture from a cohesion fracture, the fracture surfaces were treated with a solution which discolours in contact with the wood. 

The Results

On the basis of the test results, a statement was made about the achievable joint strength with the clamp bonding. After statistical evaluation, it was possible to derive practical design values from the measurement results.. 

Construction Data

-Hollow box element 1.25 x 5.0 m

Timbatec's Services
- Product development
- Rough copy
- Planning of test series
- Execution of test series
- Evaluation of test series
- Determination of design values
- Documentation for sale

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