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Transport crates for the loading of cylindrical grinding machines weighing tons are exposed to increasing loads as machine weights tend to increase. On behalf of Feuz Innenausbau AG, Timbatec tested the statics of these transport boxes using a 3D model and successfully came up with an innovative timber solution.

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Box Design
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Assembled Transport Box

The Initial Situation 

Feuz Innenausbau AG in Steffisburg manufactures transport boxes for the loading of cylindrical grinding machines for Studer AG in Steffisburg.   

The Challenge 

The development of the machine industry presents the Feuz company with the problem that the weight of the machines to be transported tends to increase and the machine dimensions increase. The result: the crates are subjected to greater stress, but the body must nevertheless remain as slim as possible, as these cannot be enlarged as required for container loading. Therefore, it commissioned Timbatec with the task of checking the statics of the previous transport crates and optimising the design.  

The Solution 

Numerous load types were simulated to check the statics. For example, transport by road, rail or water, but also storage processes, such as handling in the logistics center. The calculations were based on internationally applicable guidelines, taking into account the highest possible efficiency at the trans-shipment point. After careful inspection using a 3D model, the company Feuz Innenausbau AG was presented with a solid solution using timber as a building material. 

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