Print reference Standard Items Catalogue NPK 332

Standard Items Catalogue NPK 332, Zürich

2007, 2018


The NPK standards item catalogue is a central tool for invitations to tender. Stefan Zöllig is the author of NPK 332 which was published in 2007. Currently the Chapters 331, 332 and 333 revised under the direction of Timbatec.

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The Client

The CRB "Centre Suisse d'études pour la Rationalisation du Bâtiment", based in Zurich, develops and sells tools for administration and communication in the construction industry. This is primarily about facilitated communication between builders, planners, entrepreneurs and suppliers. Behind the registered association CRB are 3 associations: The Federation of Swiss Archtects FSA, the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects SIA and Swiss Society of Entrepreneurs SSE. 

The starting position

For years, timber construction has lacked an appropriate way of describing services for elementary structures in a standardized way. Some helped themselves with existing NPK (standard position catalogs) and added their own R-positions. Others created their own catalogs, but these were not generally accepted and in some cases led to misunderstandings.

The Author 

In 2005 the CRB started the project NPK 332 to create a new NPK chapter Element construction in timber. Stefan Zöllig from Timbatec was engaged as author for the new chapter. It was supported by an accompanying group of engineers, architects and entrepreneurs. Holzbau Schweiz is responsible for the content. During 2 years Timbatec developed the new chapter in cooperation with the accompanying group.

In addition to the author's work, it was also necessary to Dimensional requirements and included/not included services, as it is not possible for the wood element construction in did not comply with the existing standards. It has been available to all users since the beginning of 2008. Between 2018 and presumably 2021, the NPK chapter has been revised. 

Construction Data

Book form, 551 pages

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