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High-Sound Insulating Partition Walls Timbatec, Steffisburg



The proven Timbatec® profiles were successfully used in 1995-2003 for the construction of highly soundproof partition walls. Made in Switzerland, they were sold through stockholding dealers. The profiles are easy to process and can be insulated and planked with any materials.

Covering with OSB zoom
Covering with OSB
Covering with Fiber Board zoom
Covering with Fiber Board
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Frame with Timbatec Stand

The Development 

The following product development and optimization work was carried out: The so far known sound insulation values of 3 wall constructions had to be secured by further tests. A total of 38 material combinations were tested in an extensive series of measurements in the EMPA test laboratory.  

These were documented in a matrix and confirm the high performance of the sound insulation (independent of the cladding or insulation materials used). The profile thickness of 75 mm was extended by a total of 6 profile types (36, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 mm) and the influence on sound insulation was investigated. The use of the 36 mm profile as ceiling profile (replacement for swinging bracket) was clarified and secured with test series with regard to dowel extension. Documents were prepared and produced for the sale (general overview, technical sheets, assembly instructions, price lists, Internet presence) 

Construction Data


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