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Together with our clients we develop solutions for individual requirements. Thanks to our technical know-how and profound knowledge of the market, we are able to assess at the start of the project what will work and prevail on the market and achieve our goal with innovations.

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  • Standard Items Catalogue NPK 332, Zürich

    The NPK standards item catalogue is a central tool for invitations to tender. Stefan Zöllig is the author of NPK 332 which was published in 2007. Currently the Chapters 331, 332 and 333 revised under the direction of Timbatec.

  • Prebena Compression Bonding

    Timbatechat researched the important properties of staple press bonding on behalf of Probena AG. The aim of this method is to develop a practical alternative to press-fit screw bonding according to the German standard DIN 1052.

  • Heavy Duty Transport Boxes Studer AG

    Transport crates for the loading of cylindrical grinding machines weighing tons are exposed to increasing loads as machine weights tend to increase. On behalf of Feuz Innenausbau AG, Timbatec tested the statics of these transport boxes using a 3D model and successfully came up with an innovative timber solution.

  • Specialist Folder Timber Construction BE/SO, Bern

    Timber architecture is in vogue. Today, 15% of Swiss single-family houses are already built from timber. The specialist folder Holzbau BE / SO has been available since March 2009 - a comprehensive documentation on professional timber construction in the cantons of Berne and Solothurn.

  • Mikkado Trägerrost, Steffisburg

    Timbatec has developed a new girder grid system to be able to produce lightweight, flat-load-bearing components in timber. This is two-axle load-bearing and can be prefabricated in the factory up to element sizes of 8 x 10 m.

  • Shear tests, Ligno-Swiss Wall System, Schmidlin Holzbau AG, Steinen

    The solid timber wall elements "Ligno-Swiss" from Schmidlin are assembled from individual prismatic rods. These are installed vertically and each is provided with a threshold at the top and bottom. The lateral doweling generated a shear stiffness with which wind loads can be transferred.

  • Laboratory Tests Dovetail Connection, Annen, Goldau / Bucher, Kerns

    The dovetail joint is a traditional, metal-free timber joint. Due to the high amount of work involved, it has fallen somewhat into oblivion in recent years. The companies Annen Holzbau (Goldau, Switzerland) and Holzbau Bucher AG (Kerns, Switzerland) produce it with the modern, computer-controlled joinery machine (Krüsimatik G1) and give it an unexpected renaissance.

  • High-Sound Insulating Partition Walls Timbatec, Steffisburg

    The proven Timbatec® profiles were successfully used in 1995-2003 for the construction of highly soundproof partition walls. Made in Switzerland, they were sold through stockholding dealers. The profiles are easy to process and can be insulated and planked with any materials.

  • Information Hilti Holz ABC, HILTI Corporation, Schaan (Liechtenstein)

    Hilti Corporation is a leading manufacturer in the fields of direct assembly, drilling, chiselling, diamond, dowel, screwdriving and installation technology as well as construction chemistry. It now offers handheld woodworking machines (circular saws, jigsaws and sanding machines). In order to be able to train the employees, comprehensive but not too extensive documentation was necessary. This was commissioned from Timbatec.

  • Wenger AG - Optimization Swisstube Modulhotel, Steffisburg

    Wenger AG produces the hotel modules for Swisstube AG in Burgdorf. These consist of a horizontal plastic pipe with a diameter of around 3.50 m and an interior construction in timber. All timber components are protected from the weather by the plastic shell. Several modules can be stacked on top of each other. Optimum sound insulation can be achieved by separating the individual modules.

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