Timber makes a career


A solid basic education, a technical school HF or an engineering study to the timber construction engineer FH are ideal conditions to make a career with Timbatec. But we also welcome initiative lateral entrants who enjoy demanding, interdisciplinary tasks. Part-time work is possible in all positions. 

The Timbatec management system is based on three pillars:

Each employee is divided up in our organization chart and has superiors and, if necessary, subordinates. This hierarchical division is important so that you can feel at home, rebel against it or get support. Your supervisor sets guard rails according to his or her ideas and supports you where he or she thinks it is right and where he or she can do it best. Thus each country and each branch office is somewhat different in its orientation, completely according to the people who work and lead there. Regular team events in our 30-person team improve mutual perception and appreciation. This paves the way for genuine cooperation and mutual support.

We invest a lot of money every year to provide you with the best technical tools and equipment. We purchase completely new hardware every five years, including servers, firewalls, networks, etc. We integrate all services such as VOIP telephony into our network. Information that lies deep down in a database only becomes useful when I can retrieve it at the touch of a button and link it to other information. Our tim_QMS is responsible for this. Standardized processes as well as self-developed templates and databases take the routine work off your hands so that you can concentrate on the real challenges in your projects.

Do you enjoy complex, demanding, interdisciplinary tasks and do you like to solve them on your own responsibility? Every employee should do what he or she prefers to do and is best at. This also includes the free choice of the degree of employment between 0 and 100%. Everyone works as much as he wants. Own ideas are welcome. There are no kingdoms in Timbatec. Anyone who develops something useful prepares it and makes it available to everyone. This makes us all a little more efficient, smarter and happier every day.

Career, individually defined


In many companies, only those employees who have leadership qualities and an overwhelming urge to get to the top will have a successful career. Not so at Timbatec, where various career types are provided for and consciously promoted. Project managers and specialists can also climb the career ladder at Timbatec.

There are people who were born with the qualities of a leader. They have the ability to lead and motivate others. They are willing to take on responsibility for the further development of a department or an entire company.

A specialist career is just right for experts who are absolute cracks in their field – an example in Timbatec's case is fire safety. They have acquired so much specialist knowledge in their field through further education and extensive practical experience that they are often asked for advice by colleagues and external partners. Specialists can make themselves indispensable. And they can specialise entirely in their core area as they do not need to take on management tasks that take up valuable time.

To conceive, plan and implement a project through to completion – these are the strengths of a project manager. They also need to command networked and interdisciplinary thinking and have a quick grasp of complex tasks. The project manager’s place is not on the management board, but rather wherever demanding projects need to be pulled through to completion. These skills can be learned and Timbatec actively promotes their acquisition.

Apply now


We are always interested in committed engineers and technicians with experience in timber construction. If you are interested in working for us but your desired position is not listed here, please contact us anyway! I'm sure we can work something out. Most of our employees are either technicians or wood construction engineers. 


Your main task is the detailed element planning of larger timber construction objects. You also solve static and constructive tasks independently and can work in product development. We expect a basic training as a carpenter, a further education as a technician (m/f) or foreman as well as at least five years of experience in timber construction.


You develop concepts for demanding projects and implement them in the areas of statics, construction, fire and noise protection, building physics and quality assurance. If interested, you will also take on tasks in product development. We expect a basic training as a carpenter, a degree as a timber construction engineer MSc/BSc/FH and at least five years of experience in timber construction.




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