Timber is resilient

Timber Engineering
Timber Engineering

The structural engineering and construction of timber projects are the supreme disciplines of Timber engineers. We construct and optimize the frame of apartment buildings, halls and bridges in highest perfection. Nowadays timber constructions can do everything that concrete buildings can. So, bring a timber engineer into your planning team as early as possible.


We would love to support you on your building project. Directly contact our experienced timber engineers.

  • Armin Schawalder

    Armin Schawalder

    Dipl. Ing. BSc Holzbau
    Deputy Head of Bern Office
    Project Head
    Fire protection specialist federal diploma


  • Silvan Stierli

    Silvan Stierli

    Dipl. Ing. BSc Timber Construction
    Deputy Head of Zurich Office
    Project Head
    EDP/BIM Specialist



Our modus operandi

Our engineers will gladly give you advice and support from the pilot study all the way to the execution. We offer the full package over all planning processes of timber projects and are therefore the ideal partner for your vision. Our range of services are structured by the SIA-phases and can be adjusted to your individual needs.

Phase 31 Feasibility analysis- terms of use and structural pre-dimensioning

In the pilot study phase, we establish the terms of use containing all details, their impacts on structures and construction, fire protection as well as building physics. We evaluate probable solutions and dimensions and will present you with the facts of costs, dates, building security and environmental impact.

Phase 32 Building project – construction- and material concepts

In the building project phase, we establish the construction- and material concepts for your project. Thus, we approximately calculate and dimension all components. We examine various possibilities and present them to you and of course answer all your questions about timber engineering. As part of the project we usually issue the structure planning along with the verifications of proof in serviceability limit state, support security and durability.

Das Tragwerksmodell ist zentral für den Ingenieurholzbau

Our engineers roughly model the frame in RSTAB and thus calculate the dimensions, deformations and bearing reactions. The column-based software RSTAB is perfectly suited for calculating and dimensioning most timber constructions in 2D and 3D. RFEM enables a rapid and simple modelling of structures and dynamic calculations.

Phase 33 Approval procedure and 41 Submission, tender comparison, placing proposition

For the building application we prepare all necessary forms. We put together the submission documents along the evaluation reports and compare the offers based on quality and quantity, standard prices, economics, structure, work organization, site facilities and deadlines. At the end of this phase we establish a report with all information from the comparison of tenders and placing propositions in the departments of structures, construction, fire protection and building physics.

Phase 51 Execution planning – construction documentation

In the execution planning phase, our technicians put together the construction documentation and draw up all necessary plans in 3D. The software in use is cadwork. All our technicians have long-term experience in the planning- and site aspect of timber constructions. Therefore, all our details are serviceable and apprehendable on site. If another company is providing those plans, we check them for compliance with our engineer guidelines.

Phase 52 Execution and 53 Initial operation, approval and site supervision

During the execution phase, we supervise the site according to our regulations and check the use and processing of all building materials. We council architects and site managers and join, whenever necessary, the meetings. For closing the project, we collect all adjusted plans, schematics, and maintenance instructions and create a comprehensive documentation. We further refresh our plans according to the build project and adjust the terms of use wherever necessary.

Our range of expertise as timber engineers in structures and construction contain: 

- Frame structuring, Timber Engineering
- Constructive Timber structures
- Facade planning
- Earthquake verifications
- Calculations
- Construction planning in 2D and 3D
- Quality management



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