Timber Basement

What seemed impossible for a long time is now reality: basements made entirely of wood. Together with the Bern University of Applied Sciences and other research partners, Timbatec developed a construction system for basements in timber construction.

Anyone who wants to make a contribution to climate protection today builds with wood. If we want to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, it makes sense to dispense with steel and concrete and instead rely on wood construction - even for basements. In the case of an apartment building in Thun, a total of 222 metric tons of CO₂ - 126 metric tons of which are stored in the basement.

Basements made of wood are not only good for the the environment. They are also much faster to build. In the case of the project in Thun 98 days were enough to build the wooden basement cleanly and dryly and to cover it with the floor slab. and cover it with the floor slab. The pure erection work took only five days! The construction of a comparable basement in solid construction would have taken around 184 days. In terms of price, too, a wooden basement can also compete with the concrete basement.

In the future the company Timbase AG as a total contractor will design, manufacture, supply, assemble and provide quality assurance and warranty. Currently we are in the foundation process. Timbase AG will be part of the Timbagroup.

Timber Basements

Timber Basements

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