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"Even as a little boy I did a lot of sawing and hammering".

Urs Flükiger is a trained carpenter and has been continuously improving his skills since his apprenticeship. At Timbatec, the 35-year-old is primarily involved with detailed designs, but is also responsible for complete two- and three-dimensional works planning.


Urs Flükiger, how did you come to your profession?
Even as a little boy, I did a lot of sawing and hammering, built model airplanes, an aerial tramway and much more. I have always enjoyed working with wood and became interested in the profession of carpenter at an early age. During my apprenticeship as a carpenter EFZ I was fascinated by CAD planning. The thirst for knowledge motivated me to complete the vocational baccalaureate with a focus on technology, architecture and life sciences at the GIBB in Thun and then to continue my education to become a certified technician HF Holzbau at the Höhere Fachschule Holz in Biel.

What other further training have you completed?
Because of the physical strain on the construction site, I wanted to consciously keep open the possibility of working in an office. I therefore attended various courses on CAD and BIM, fire protection, building physics, and project organization and management.

What is your main activity at Timbatec?
I am mainly involved in detailed design, but I also create complete two- and three-dimensional plant designs for our customers. I also write performance reviews and cost estimates, look after our IT infrastructure and support our trainees in their training. We are a good team and work together on varied projects with exciting tasks.

"The digital planning chain has great potential. Through various complex orders, I have already been able to acquire a valuable wealth of experience in this area."

What further development opportunities do you see in your profession?
The digital planning chain certainly has great potential that is still often underestimated. With BIM, the communication of those involved in the construction is optimized and sources of error are minimized. Through various complex assignments, I have already been able to acquire a valuable wealth of experience in this area. But the development is only just beginning and will affect us all.

What, in your opinion, particularly speaks in favor of wood as a building material?
Wood is pleasantly warm to the touch and is easy to work with. The areas of application are very versatile and range from aircraft to construction to my Schwyzerörgeli. Another major advantage is that wood is one of the very few indigenous raw materials and is also CO²-neutral.


Urs Flükiger
Technician HF Timber Construction, with Timbatec since 2008.

A typical example of a Timbatec employee pursuing a specialist career. In recent years, he has completed further training in fire protection, building physics, CAD & BIM and project management.


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