Timber is comforting

Building Physics
Building Physics

Well planned timber buildings are comforting and cozy. With our profound knowledge in energy efficiency, summerly heat protection, material- and climate friendly way of building and sound insulation we can face all challenges in timber building. Whoever wants to build sustainable buildings needs smart structural physics solutions.


We would love to support you on your building project. Directly contact our experienced timber engineers.

    Our modus operandi

    Our building physicists will gladly give you advice and support from the pilot study all the way to the execution. We offer the full package over all planning processes of timber projects and are therefore the ideal partner for your vision. Our range of services are structured by the SIA-phases and can be adjusted to your individual needs.

    Phase 31 Feasibility analysis

    In the pilot study phase, we establish the terms of use as well as a concept of all physical principles regarding the project with all project relevant aspects such as the structure, construction and fire protection considered. We reconcile our guidelines with the building contractors and architects. We evaluate probable solutions regarding sound- and heat protection and will present you with the facts of construction, costs and environmental impact.

    Phase 32 Building project

    In the building project phase, we establish the construction- and material concepts for your project in collaboration with the architects and timber engineers. We value thoroughly thought through solutions and put together a documentation of the building physics concept and all components. We closely supervise the planning process to ensure best quality over all building phases. The summerly heat protection is immensely important in order to prevent the rooms from overheating and a high living comfort can only be provided with also considering the sound insulation. Our material concepts will mainly be based on knowledge in ecology, regenerative building, reutilization and removability of building components as well as reducing the embodied energy and lower the CO2 emissions.

    Bauphysiker bei der Planung eines Holzbaus

    Phase 33 Approval procedure and 41 Submission 

    For the building application we prepare all necessary forms such as sound report, energy efficiency proof and summerly heat protection form. Their impacts on the timber construction planning can easily be implemented thanks to regularly held internal and external meetings. We gladly put together the application forms for grant funding and certifications such as Minergie or GEAK.

    Phase 51 Execution planning

    In the execution planning phase, our technicians put together the construction documentation and draw up all necessary plans in 3D. The software in use is cadwork. For ensuring that all building physics components are correctly established we will perform Wufi-simulations or hygrothermic simulations. All our technicians have long-term experience in the planning- and site aspect of timber constructions. Therefore, all our details are serviceable and apprehendable on site. If another company is providing those plans, we check them for compliance with our engineer guidelines.

    Phase 52 Execution and 53 Initial operation

    During the execution phase, we supervise the site according to our regulations and check the use and processing of all building materials. We council architects and site managers and join, whenever necessary, the meetings. For ensuring the appropriate implementation of guidelines we will run checks on air insulation, impact sound, and various other building physics aspects. We council building contractors not only in the field of normative requirements, but also in low-frequency range, which is not regulated, yet crucial for a high living comfort. This is usually evaluated by the “Japanese Ball”. For closing the project, we collect all adjusted plans, schematics, and maintenance instructions and create a comprehensive documentation. We further refresh our plans according to the build project and adjust the terms of use wherever necessary.

    Our range of expertise as building physicists contain:

    • Counsel regarding cladding, heat insulation and various energy standards
    • Energy verifications (SIA 380/1), Minergie verifications (-P, -A, -ECO)
    • GEAK and GEAK plus certifications
    • Application of fundings
    • Thermal simulations for summerly heat protection, buildings without heating
    • Sound protection, sound evaluations, sound simulations with the aid of CadnaA    (sound protection regulations LSV)
    • Building acoustic concepts, sound insulation evaluations (form S)
    • Building acoustics measurements with the aid of NTI Audio Messequimpent
    • Counsel regarding room acoustics, reverberation time
    • Isothermic calculations with the aid of Flixo
    • Hygrothermic simulations with the aid of WUFI
    • Counsel in measurements for lowering CO2 emissions, biobased building        materials and NettoNull
    • Reusability of building materials and regenerative building
    • Expertise in building damages


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