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  • Ist Holzbau wirklich teurer als Massivbau?

    Is timber construction really more expensive than solid construction?

    Hauseigentümer, Issue No. 4/2021 - How does large-scale timber construction compare economically with solid construction? The consulting firm Wüest Partner AG has evaluated eight major new timber construction projects in recent years and concluded that the construction costs of the timber buildings studied are comparable to those of high-quality solid buildings. (Report in German)

  • Wildtierbrücke A2 Neuenkirch

    Wildlife overpass A2 Neuenkirch

    Luzerner Zeitung 30.04.2021 - After the Rynetel wildlife overpass, the Federal Roads Office FEDRO is already building the second wildlife overpass with a wooden roof near Neuenkirch. Timbatec planned this structure as a sub-planner of the engineering consortium IG 2B with B + S AG and Bänziger Partner AG. In this report from the Luzerner Zeitung, Franz Koch, project manager from the Federal Roads Office (FERDO), explains why wooden wildlife bridges correspond to today's spirit. (Report in German)

  • Holz statt Beton. Ganz einfach.

    Wood instead of concrete. Quite simple.

    Modernes Bauen 05/2021 - Wood construction has left its niche existence and is becoming the new standard. The demand for timber construction products is therefore increasing worldwide. Swiss innovations support this trend. (Report in German)

  • Alterswohnen Muttimatte, Brügg

    Muttimatte Retirement Home, Brügg

    Lignum Holzbulletin 138/2021 Wohnen im Alter - In the immediate vicinity of the center of Brügg, the Bieler housing cooperative BIWOG has built three houses with a total of 27 apartments for senior citizens. The architectural concept of Muttimatte cleverly combines private and communal spaces to encourage encounters between residents and guests both inside and outside. The three buildings, predominantly made of wood, use renewable energy. (Report in German)

  • Psychiatrisches Zentrum des FNPG Freiburg, Villars-sur-Glâne

    Psychiatric Center of the FNPG Fribourg, Villars-sur-Glâne

    Lignum Holzbulletin 137/2020 Care - The new four-story building complements the competence center for mental health and is the first hospital building in Switzerland to be constructed entirely of wood. As a sober, sensitive response to the existing buildings from the 1980s, the structure clearly demonstrates the possibilities opened up by the 2015 fire protection regulations. (Report in German)

  • Eine wirklich große Wohnsiedlung in Holz

    A truly large housing estate in wood

    Zuschnitt 80, March 2021 - Wood stands for resource-saving and sustainable construction. As a result, it is also becoming increasingly attractive in multi-story residential construction. Where many live, it is sometimes noisy. That is why the magazine "Zuschnitt 80" has published a special issue on sound insulation and in it shows innovative solutions for multi-storey timber construction. The solid wood ceiling with an 8 cm thick bonded fill of crushed stone grains with elastic binder, was developed by Timbatec for the showcase project sue&til. (Report in German)

  • Werkhof mit Vorbildfunktion

    New factory yard with an exemplary function

    First, Issue No. 01/21 - Natural materials, fine workmanship and lots of wood: Matzingen's new factory yard is more than just a functional infrastructure facility. With an eye for detail, Lilin Architekten have fitted the elongated new building into the village structure. A wooden building with a load-bearing effect - both statically and ideally. Michael Hollenstein explains the constructive finesse of this building. (Report in German)

  • Es spricht alles für Holz

    Everything speaks for wood

    NZZ am Sonntag, January 2021 - Stefan Zöllig, founder and co-owner of Timbatec, has made a name for himself with record-breaking wooden buildings. For him, however, the digitalization of construction planning lags far behind other industries. The timber construction engineer explains why the days of concrete and steel are numbered. Read the exciting interview in the "NZZ am Sonntag". (Report in German)

  • Werkstoff für Visionen

    Material for Visions

    GEO, January 2021 - No deciduous tree occurs more frequently in Swiss forests than the beech. Because its wood is difficult to process, it is often burned. it is often burned. Now, the Swiss have developed a process that enables beech to play a supporting role in timber construction. GEO magazine features the new ice stadium in Pruntrut and quotes Johann Maitre. (Text in German)

  • Johann Maître ist der Mann des Tages

    Johann Maître is the man of the day

    Le Quotidien, Dezember 2020 - Johann Maître grew up in Bassecourt. After his apprenticeship as a carpenter in the family business, he worked for 13 years at Aldibois in Saint-Ursanne before graduating from the Bern University of Applied Sciences in Biel with a BSc in wood construction. Today, he works for Timbatec and, since 11 January 2021, is in charge of the new branch in Delémont. With the ice rink project in Porrentruy, the company has set foot in the Jura. The report on Johann Maitre and the ice rink in Delémont is in French.

  • »Wie in Stahlbeton planen, aber in Holz bauen«

    "Design as in reinforced concrete, but build in wood"

    Holz-Zentralblatt, Issue No. 1/2021 - The "Timber Structures 3.0" technology (TS3) of Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG enables biaxial load-bearing flat slabs made of wood with a column grid of up to 8x8m. This means that wood can be used in many construction projects in the same way as reinforced concrete. The special feature here is the blunt, face-side bonding of the timber components used. In Frenkendorf in Basel-Land (Switzerland), the first four-story building using TS3 technology is currently being built, the Fasanenhof apartment building with 15 apartments. (Report in German)

  • Vollständig ohne Stahl und Beton bauen - geht das?

    Build completely without steel and concrete - is that possible?

    Outlook 2021 Sunday newspaper, Issue No.12/2020 - TS3 enables large areas to be made of wood. This means that wood can replace traditional reinforced concrete in many projects. This protects the climate and makes investors happy. (Report in german)

  • Wildtierüberführung Rynetel

    Wildlife overpass Rynetel

    TEC21, Issue No. 37/2020 - The "national road network" of wildlife gets a new element in Aargau. With its wooden superstructure, the green bridge over the freeway Al is the first of its kind in Switzerland. It will soon make it easier for animals to migrate between the foothills of the Alps and the Black Forest. (Report in german)

  • Keine Angst vor Riesenblöcken

    No fear of giant apartment blocks

    NZZ, Issue No. 286/2020 - The "Krokodil" residential development on the Sulzer site in Winterthur sets new standards for timber construction. Read more about the 6- to 8-story wooden building with 254 apartments in today's edition of the NZZ. (Report in german)

  • Der grüne Teppich über der A1

    The green carpet over the highway

    First, Issue No. 04/20 - Rynetel Suhr (AG) wildlife overpass: The arched truss construction on in-situ concrete walls forms both a passageway and habitat for numerous native species of animals above the A1. Underneath it, on the longest freeway in Switzerland, the traffic roars. The green bridge was completed in autumn 2020. It should not remain the only one of its kind.

  • Haus „Krokodil“ in der Lokstadt, Winterthur

    House Crocodile - Lokstadt, Winterthur

    Espazium, Stadt aus Holz, Issue No. 6/2020 - Where locomotives and machines used to be built, a new district is now being developed. An urban living and working space for more than1'500 people is being created right next to the railway station. Timbatec is responsible for the wood engineering for the first building of the new district. (Report in german)

  • Neues Quartier dank Aufstockung in Holzbauweise, Bernapark Deisswil

    New district thanks to extension in timber construction method, Bernapark Deisswil

    Espazium, Stadt aus Holz, Issue No. 6/2020 - In the former cardboard factory in Deisswil near Bern, a new quarter with 173 rental apartments is being built. The timber construction engineers from Timbatec Bern were responsible for the statics of the extension. (Report in german)

  • Aufstockung Greulich, Zürich

    Extension Greulich, Zürich

    Espazium, Stadt aus Holz, Issue No. 6/2020 - In the middle of the city of Zurich, two multi-family houses were extended. The additional floor offers space for 8 smaller apartments. Timbatec was responsible for the timber construction engineering services. (Report in german)

  • Beton lässt sich heute oft durch Holz ersetzen

    Today concrete can often be replaced by wood

    Baukader.ch, Issue No. 11/2020 - The construction industry is facing a radical change: With a new technology, timber construction is conquering large buildings: "TS3" enables large areas of wood. Wood can thus replace traditional reinforced concrete in many projects. (Report in german)

  • Erste Schweizer Wildtierbrücke aus Holz

    First Swiss wild animal bridge made of wood

    Baukader.ch, Issue No. 11/2020 - Timber construction is certainly suitable for instrumental construction. Over the A1 freeway near Aarau, Switzerland's first wildlife bridge is being built mainly of wood. The required amount of wood has grown back in the Swiss forest within 3 hours and 26 minutes. (Report in german)



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