TS3 at the lido Hopfräben, Brunnen



Seemingly weightless, the new TS3 construction roofs the service and changing buildings of the lido in Brunnen. Together with Dettling Holzbau and steinerARCHITEKTUR TS3 invites to a project tour with aperitif - a good opportunity to get to know the technology.

An organically curved main roof accentuates the inviting entrance to the lido and shades the restaurant's seating areas. steinerARCHITEKTUR designed the filigree roof on thin steel columns with a grid of just 8 x 8 meters. This seemingly weightless construction is possible thanks to TS3 technology. 

End connection by joint grouting 

Timber Structures 3.0 technology, or TS3 for short, is a process that enables large areas of wood to be built without joists. These large surfaces can replace reinforced concrete in most areas. Over ten years of research and development were required to find the solution: A process using a two-component polyurethane casting resin. This resin bonds the wooden elements together in a fracture-proof way. On September 16, TS3 and its project partners invite you to a project tour and an aperitif - a great opportunity to get to know the technology. We are looking forward to welcoming you at this event.


September 16, 2021, 17.00 


17.00 Arrival of the guests and welcome address 

17.10 Greeting Melanie Brunner, Managing Director Lignum Central Switzerland 

17.20 Greeting Stefan Zöllig, TS3 AG

17.30 Input Architecture, Edgar Steiner, steinerARCHITEKTUR

17.35 Input Engineering, Roger Schärli, Besmer Holzingenieure

17.40 Input Timber construction, Hans Dettling, Dettling Holzbau

17.45 Input TS3 technology and show casting René Wicki and Christian Dörig, TS3 AG

18.15 Opening Apéro Riche 

21.00 End of the event 


Public transport: Bus to bus stop Brunnen, Schiller. 

Navi: Gersauerstrasse 83, 6440 Ingenbohl. There are a few paid parking spaces available at the bathing complex. 


Please send your registration for the event to mara.bögli@ts3.biz

Good cooperation  

Schilliger Holz AG is the first licensed manufacturer of TS3 boards. It supplied the 250 m3 cross-laminated timber boards, which are pre-treated with a primer and provided with sealing and segmental tapes. The panels measure up to 13.5 x 3.4 meters and weigh up to 5 tons. After assembly by Dettling Holzbau, a TS3 application engineer sealed the joints with a "Siga" Farmer tape and injected the casting resin into the joints. The design was penned by steinerARCHITEKTUR, and Besmer Holzingenieure was responsible for the structural analysis.

Badi Hopfräben
Badi Hopfräben
Badi Hopfräben

Photos: steinerARCHITEKTUR



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