Career at Timbatec

Would Climb the leadership ladder and manage more and more employees? Or ever larger and more complex projects? Do you want to specialize in which you will become indispensable? At Timbatec you have various career paths open to you. We are looking forward to your application.

In many companies, only those with leadership leadership qualities and have the irrepressible will to work their way to the top. to work their way up to the top. This is also the case here. But other types of other types of careers are also planned and deliberately encouraged. For example management, specialist and project careers, in order to promote the potential of our employees. potential of our employees in a targeted manner.

Management career
There are personalities who are practically born leaders. have been born into the cradle. They have the ability to lead and motivate people and motivate people and like to take responsibility for the further development of a department or a new Timbatec subsidiary.

Specialist career
The specialist career is just right for specialists who are absolute cracks in their field - in Timbatec's case, for example, in fire protection or building physics. building physics. They have acquired so much knowledge in their field thanks to further training and and a wealth of practical experience, they have acquired so much knowledge in their field that they are asked for advice both internally and often externally.

Project career
Thinking about projects, planning them, and seeing them through to the end - these are the strengths of a project manager. They are also capable of networked and interdisciplinary interdisciplinary thinking and to quickly grasp complex tasks.


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