The planning process is key to success



The Riburg housing cooperative in Basel is betting on wood for its replacement buildings. Due to modular construction, ecological and cost-effective apartments can be built. An early and integral planning process is key for such a project. The timber buildings are rocketing as we speak.

The Riburg housing cooperative has been revitalising Basel's Hirzbrunnen quarter since 1945 and is one of the largest landowners there. It offers 390 attractive cooperative apartments at fair conditions. Many buildings are in urgent need of renovation and refurbishment is not always successful. In two replacement buildings, planned by Burckhardt+Partner, 59 instead of 36 apartments will be built.   

Timber construction: the most ecological and economical solution  Sustainable progress is crucial to the housing cooperative. The use of wood as building material is the logical consequence. Besides , timber construction is equally expensive than comparable buildings with other building materials. Thanks to the modular construction that timber structures allows, cooperatives -, can provide affordable rents in the newly constructed buildings.   

The planning is the key to success

Timbatec is constructing and planning every single wooden component used in the building long before its actual assembly. Using the Cadwork industry software, we draw all wooden components as in 3D models and supplement these with informations for its imminent production. The result is a so-called production model. This is will later be used by Stamm Bau AG for a precise machine actuation and simultaneously for the smooth assembly of all wooden components. This meticulous planning process serves as foundation for advanced timber construction.  

Stamm Bau AG manufactures the timber elements accurate to the millimeter and transports them to the construction site. The high degree number of prefabricated elements are of great advantage for timber construction compared to other building materials. Thanks to the prefabrication in the factory , the 59 apartments will arise within a few weeks. The new homeowners will be able to move in as early as November. 


- Client: Riburg housing cooperative, Basel 

- Architecture: Burckhardt+Partner AG 

- Wood construction engineer: Pirmin Jung Work 

- Planning: Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG 

- Timber construction: Stamm Bau AG                    

All information for production and processing is stored in the 3-D model

Bild Produktion Stamm

Production of the elements in the factory halls of Stamm Bau AG. Picture: Stamm Bau AG




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