Renovation for climate protection



With the new energy law in the canton of Zurich, oil and gas heating systems must be replaced by climate-neutral heating systems at the end of their service life. This is a good time to have the entire property checked for energy efficiency. We accompany you as a GEAK expert in this process.

The 26th Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow ended on November 13. The countries agreed on rules that rule out the double counting of emission reductions achieved abroad between states. In other respects, however, differences dominated the conference. A maneuver by China and India is putting the coal phase-out on the back burner. This is why Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga is not satisfied with the outcome of the conference.

Timbatec agrees with Ms. Sommaruga. We are pleased that the population clearly accepts new laws such as the energy law in the canton of Zurich. For better climate protection, we also support the Federal Council's goal of «climate-neutral Switzerland by 2050,» the energy efficiency targets of the federal government's Energy Strategy 2050, and the Federal Council's climate adaptation strategy.

0,000 oil and gas heating systems in operation  

In Switzerland, 900,000 oil and gas heating systems are still in operation. These must be replaced by more ecological heating systems, ideally paired with an energetic renovation of the building envelope. In the canton of Zurich, a 1:1 replacement of an oil and gas heating system at the end of its service life will soon no longer be permissible, as clearly decided by the electorate on November 28, 2021. The new law in the canton of Zurich may have a signal effect for other cantons in Switzerland. We welcome the fact that fossil heating systems are being replaced and are happy to accompany building owners and architects through the process from the preparation of a GEAK to the implementation of a renovation project.

The building energy certificate is issued by a recognized GEAK expert and is often the starting point for a comprehensive renovation. For further information, please contact our GEAK expert Thierry Balsiger.

SIA position paper


The SIA has published a position paper. We clearly support the six guiding principles of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA).  

Here you find the SIA position paper.  

Two points from the position paper are of particular concern to us: The use of wood and an energy-efficient building and infrastructure park with net zero greenhouse gas emissions.


Building stock as a CO₂ sink  

In its position paper, the SIA recommends the use of wood. This is because Switzerland's building and infrastructure stock has great potential as a temporary CO₂ sink. By using wood and fast-growing bio-based raw materials such as straw, hemp or flax, buildings can temporarily store large quantities of CO₂. Wood is «best practice» today. Only by dispensing with climate-damaging building materials such as steel and concrete can the construction sector make a decisive contribution to climate protection.

Wald als Kohlenstoffspeicher

At around 30 years, a tree has the most efficient carbon uptake, because this is the time when it grows the most. After about 50 years is the ideal time for its felling and material use. This allows the stored carbon to be transferred to the built environment and stored for the long term. And there is room for young trees in the forest.



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