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Housing Estate Toblerstrasse, Zürich-Fluntern



The Zürichberg housing estate captivates with its unusual architecture: 13 compact solitary buildings with a triangular ground plan, which create cabinet-like exterior spaces through their rotated and offset arrangement.

Exterior view 1st stage zoom
Exterior view 1st stage
Exterior view 2nd stage zoom
Exterior view 2nd stage
Street side 1st and 2nd stage zoom
Street side 1st and 2nd stage
Exterior view 1st stage zoom
Exterior view 1st stage
Construction phase zoom
Construction phase

The Project

The Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft, Zurich (ABZ) is realizing 169 affordable modern apartments with its newly built housing estate and at the same time rejuvenating the villa quarter. The district is still characterised by detached houses with spacious gardens. Despite the significantly higher building density, the 13 new buildings fit perfectly into the existing quarter. The 2- to 6-1/2-room apartments offer space for families, couples, singles as well as the house community 55+. The settlement meets the sustainability goals of the 2000-watt society.    

Timbatec timber construction engineers were responsible for the façade construction. The curtain-type facade elements made of wood are fastened to the ceiling fronts.

The Construction

The load-bearing structure is designed as a conventional solid construction in in-situ concrete and bricks with few facade columns and load-bearing walls. These were bricked or concreted, depending on the static load and building physics requirements. During construction, care was taken to ensure extensive system separation so that components can be easily replaced according to their service life.

The Challenges

Special attention is paid to the wide balconies. Some of them stood up to four metres out of the façade.

Construction Data

- Sleeper wood 60*200mm 5639m2 

- Basic elements 4982m2 

- Elements between ceiling panels 780m2  

- Parapet elements 4290m2  

- Roof edge elements 1100m2 

- Window edging plates 2708m2 

- Window sills 5079m2 

- Roof edge sheets 1155m2 

Services Timbatec

Timbatec was responsible for the entire facade construction. This included the following project phases:

- Pre-project and construction project

- Tendering and awarding

- Execution project and execution

BS+Emi Architektenpartner AG
8004 Zürich
Landscape Architects
Lorenz Eugster Landschaftsarchitektur und Städtebau GmbH
8004 Zürich
Roland Bernath
8048 Zürich
General Contractor
Priora AG
8302 Kloten
Building Owner
Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft, Zürich (ABZ)
8003 Zürich

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