Residential development "sue and til, Winterthur


"sue und til": Currently the largest residential development made of wood in Switzerland, it comprises 307 apartments, a mixed-use first floor and 200 parking spaces. The 6-story structure is a showcase project for timber construction in Switzerland.

Facts and images
Construction Data
Interior view
Interior view
Loggia with columns and ceilings in wooden construction
Loggia with columns and ceilings in wooden construction
Mounting the ceiling elements to the staircase core
Mounting the ceiling elements to the staircase core
Installation of the prefabricated wet cells
Installation of the prefabricated wet cells

The project
Delays in the construction process often have to be expected with such large-scale projects. Not so with "sue+til" in Winterthur. The first tenants were able to move into their apartments six months earlier than planned. Thanks to the innovative solutions and the dry construction method made possible by wood, the first tenants were able to move into their apartments 14 months after the start of the erection work. Functional modules with repetitive construction types were developed for the investor project. At the same time, the floor plans are very diverse and equally attractive for singles, couples, families or retirees. The superstructure is not only interesting from an architectural and timber construction point of view. It also meets the highest energy requirements and complies with the specifications of the 2000-watt society.

The construction
The "sue und til" building consists of 80% wood. The floor slabs and the interior and exterior walls are made of prefabricated elements. Only the staircase and the basement are made of concrete. Thanks to the consistent digital planning and the high degree of prefabrication, "sue und til" is more economical in timber construction than a comparable project in reinforced concrete.

The challenge
The very fast construction method required consistent prefabrication and precise site logistics. This requires seamless and error-free planning of all components. Timbatec played its part with the works planning, the fire protection and structural analysis concept and the site inspections.

Construction Data

- Building volume 178'888 m3

- Floor areas 53'280 m3

- Solid and glued laminated timber 6'800 m3

- Veneer and multilayer panels 1'130 m3

Construction costs

- BKP 1-9: 162 million francs

- BKP 214 (assembly construction in wood): 15 million francs

Services of Timbatec

- SIA Phase 31 Preliminary design

- SIA Phase 32 Construction project

- SIA Phase 41 Tendering and comparison of offers

- SIA Phase 51 Implementation project

- SIA Phase 52 Execution

- Statics and construction

- Fire protection planning

- Works planning 3D and 2D

- product development

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