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Renovation of the Coop Warenhaus St. Annahof, Zurich



The Coop Warenhaus St. Annahof on Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse was reopened in November 2019 after eight months of renovation. Timbatec inspected the ceiling constructions of the upper two floors. The staircase was also extended.

The Project

The ceiling constructions of the upper two floors had to be checked in a condition analysis. The analysis also included the attic including the two collar beam layers. This revealed deficiencies in the area of fire protection. This resulted in an upgrading concept for the warehouse utilization. The staircase access to the two uppermost floors was also carried out. The staircase sections were encapsulated. During the entire construction period, purchases could continue to be made on the lower floors.

The Construction

The top floor was strengthened with a strong strap floor. For the second top floor rock wool boards and gypsum fiberboards were used. The junction of the supporting structure, pliers, posts, stirrups, purlins were strengthened for the case of fire. CLT panels with encapsulation were used for the staircase

The Challenges

The Coop City department store is located in the center of Zurich. The logistics were therefore decisive for the choice of construction. All components were dimensioned so that everything could be assembled by hand. For crane trucks, delivery had to be made during the night. Furthermore, the facade lift had a maximum length of only 2 meters.

Construction Data

- Cross laminated timber board 60 mm: 100 m²

- Floor belt 40 mm: 100 m²

- Cross laminated timber: 3 m³

- Construction timber: 3 m³

- Gypsum fiberboard 18 mm: 250 m²

Construction costs

- BKP 1-9: 1.5 million Swiss francs

Prestations de Timbatec

- SIA Phase 11 Status analysis
- SIA Phase 32 Construction project
- SIA Phase 41 Tender and comparison of offers 
- SIA Phase 51 Implementation project
- SIA Phase 52 Design
- SIA Phase 53 Commissioning
- Statics and construction 
- Expert planning fire protection
- Cost estimate 
- Specialist construction management and construction site inspections  

Dober Bauplanung AG
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Building Owner
Coop Genossenschaft
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Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG
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Timber Construction
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Civil Engineer
Dober Bauplanung AG
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Construction Management
suisseplan Ingenieure AG
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