Multipurpose hall renovated


In the 1970s, the army had a great need for new multi-purpose buildings and had two types of halls developed for this purpose. These buildings are getting on in years and are being renovated and strengthened against earthquakes. Two construction projects have been completed.

Multipurpose hall renovated

Today, the real estate portfolio of armasuisse Immobilien includes 30 type 71 multi-purpose halls and seven type 76 halls. These multi-purpose halls were built between were built between 1969 and 1992 and in some cases show signs of age. which now have to be renovated. A baseline report shows that halls no longer meet the current requirements for earthquake safety. meet today's earthquake safety requirements. In the course of the renovation work, the halls will be structurally strengthened.

Multipurpose halls Type 71
The halls were built in Switzerland according to the same basic system with some variation in design. with some variation in the design. The steel frame structure is always continuous from the outside to the inside and is The steel frame structure is continuous from the outside to the inside and lined with Eternit-covered wall panels made of sand-lime bricks. The externally visible steel beams give the building its clear grid. The dressing room wing is mostly masonry.

Coherent refurbishment
The armory in Payerne has several multi-purpose halls. After decades of operation, the first hall had various defects and was in need of technical and structural renovation. A complete renovation was planned by Haller Gut Architekten AG in 2016. Timbatec was allowed to accompany this renovation as a timber engineer and was able to apply its experience to the renovation of the second multi-purpose hall on the same armory site. We planned the renovation of the second hall in Payerne together with LZA Architekten.

Facade and bracing
The infill between the steel frames was removed and steel frames were removed and replaced by prefabricated wooden elements. They stiffen the hall so that it meets today's static requirements. On the inside, the steel girders remain visible, which makes the hall space more attractive due to the the hall space by the grid of filigree steel frames. All elements were planned around the the existing steel frame. The exterior facade is characterized by the vertically mounted wooden formwork.

Detail bracing

The two large glass panels on the long sides allow plenty of daylight to enter the hall. daylight into the hall. The wall panels as well as the roof were prefabricated elements with 3-layer spruce panels, which are perforated to improve perforated to improve the acoustics. The atmosphere of the multi-purpose hall is characterized by the warm color of the wood. The new windows created interesting diagonal views and spatial references.


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