Nowadays wild animal bridges are built of wood



The Federal Roads Office is building the first wild animal bridge in Switzerland made of wood near Suhr (AG). In Neuenkirch (LU) and in the Linth plain (GL) the next wildlife bridges in wooden construction are already in the pipeline. Together with the association ProHolz Aargau and ASTRA, we invite you to a tour of the construction site on 16.09.2020.

Because transport routes cut through the habitats of wildlife, the Federal Office for the Environment has marked wildlife corridors of interregional importance. The corridor "AG 6" connects the Jura region with the Central Plateau and runs between Gränichen and Suhr on the N01 national road. A 50-metre wide arch structure will soon enable wild animals to cross the motorway safely. The unique thing about it: the construction is made of wood!   

Invitation to a tour of the construction site 

ProHolz Aargau association and we as the planning team (Bänziger Partner AG and Timbatec) would like to invite you to a guided tour of the construction site. 

Date: Wednesday 16.09.2020, 17.00 h 

Location: Forest house Oberholz in Suhr

Programme: Short lectures, site visit and aperitif

Registration:  Link to the Registration Form   

Production of the timber elements

The Rynetel wildlife overpass consists of a 50-metre wide arched wooden structure resting on cast-in-place concrete walls. Hüsser Leimbau AG is currently producing the 17 meter long wooden beams. A large glue press presses the spruce boards made of Swiss wood into the desired shape. After the hardening of the glue the beam remains dimensionally stable. These elements will soon be mounted on the cast-in-place concrete walls (picture above). 


Herstellung Brettschichtholz

Production of the 17 meter long wooden beams at Hüsser Leimbau AG

Long preparation 

The fact that wild animal bridges are now built in timber is definitely partly thanks to the long-standing commitment of Timbatec and other advocates of the timber industry. As early as 2005, the Department of Construction, Transport and Environment of the Canton of Aargau commissioned moser+colombo architekur gmbh and Timbatec with a concept study for this bridge. The result was clear: wildlife overpasses over motorways can easily be realised with a timber supporting structure despite high earth loads and impact forces. 

In 1998 Timbatec demonstrated in a basic report for the Swiss Ornithological Institute Sempach on behalf of the Swiss Society for Wildlife Biology SGW that wood as a native raw material is a cost-effective and ecological alternative for green bridges.  

Project information Rynetel wildlife crossing 

- Spans 2 x 17.4 m

- Length 35.6 m

- Width 54 m

- Bridge area 1922 m2 

- Construction costs CHF 13.9 million  

- Federal Roads Office ASTRA Zofingen Branch 

- Planning: Engineering consortium WUEF: Bänziger Partner AG and Timbatec 

- Execution: ARGE FERA: Aarvia Bau AG, Häring AG, Glulam supplier: Hüsser Leimbau AG

Visualisierung Bänziger Partner

Visualization of the wildlife crossing. Source: Bänziger Partner AG,




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