World record: 650m2 large CLT panel


In the Austrian Tyrol, a wooden building is currently being built with a 650m2 cross laminated timber panel. This is a world record! It is made possible by the TS3 technology - a development of Timbatec together with the ETH Zurich and the Bern University of Applied Sciences.

World record: 650m2 large CLT panel

TS3 technology is a quantum leap quantum leap: it frees timber construction from the small structures and makes it a real alternative to conventional reinforced concrete. TS3 is a process that can generate large areas from wood - without the previously usual beams. These large surfaces can replace reinforced concrete in most areas.

Grouting the TS3 joint

The process
TS3 connects wooden components on the face side. For decades, this was considered impossible. Ten years of research by Timbatec, together with the ETH Zurich and the Bern University of Applied Sciences were necessary, to find the solution: A process using a two-component polyurethane casting resin. This resin connects the wooden elements with each other in a rigid with each other. In the Handl project in the Austrian Vorarlberg, Austria, the panel faces were pretreated at Binder's CLT plant in Binder's CLT plant in Unternberg, Austria, with the TS3 special primer and then immediately sealing and segmenting tapes. The 3.5 meter wide panels, some of which over five tons, were loaded just in time and transported directly to the directly to the construction site in Pians.

Pretreatment of CLT panels in the Binder manufacturing plant

The cross laminated timber panels are placed on the wooden supports with a grid of 7 x 7 meters. For the assembly, a falsework was additionally was created for the assembly. This allows an application engineer to grout the joints with the two-component adhesive specially developed for TS3 with the two-component adhesive specially developed for TS3. After just a few days, the scaffold the scaffold could be removed again. This is how the largest CLT panel in the world was created.

Mounting the CLT panels on a falsework

The builder
Markus Handl Beteiligung GmbH is an Austrian family business based in Pians / Tyrol and true specialists when it comes to supplying upscale hotels and restaurants in Tyrol and Vorarlberg with meat and sausage specialties. With the focus on the homeland, they meet the nerve of the time, because more and more people long for originality, naturalness and authenticity. It is obvious that Handl relies on the natural building material wood for the new construction of the large project.

In the Handl project, Timber Structures 3.0 AG (TS3) and Rothoblaas SRL have for the first time worked together for the first time. The column head reinforcement Spider from Rothoblaas will be installed above the columns and in a 7 x 7 meter grid. TS3, with its patented patented grouting technology ensures the rigid connection of the individual CLT panels. The X-Fix from Schilcher Trading & Engineering GmbH was used as an assembly aid (green in the plan). GmbH were used (green in the plan). The project responsibility lies with HTB Baugesellschaft m.b.H. For the calculation of the structural analysis, the companies involved were were supported and accompanied by the ETH Zurich and the University of Innsbruck.

Grouting the TS3 joint


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