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Wood is a naturally renewable raw material that only requires solar energy and water for its production. Harvesting and processing take place with very little energy and the material also stores CO2. As a Swiss timber partner, Timbatec is committed to the use of this domestic raw material - also in public tenders.

One cubic meter of wood reduces the atmosphere by about one ton of the greenhouse gas. This is because trees convert CO2 into oxygen and carbon during its growth thanks to photosynthesis. However, wooden buildings are not only more ecological than comparable construction projects made of steel and concrete, they are also usually built faster. The prefabricated elements for a wooden building are transported to the construction site. In this way, even large buildings can be raised in just a few days.   

Use of Swiss timber 

Wood from Switzerland does even better. Swiss wood is not transported far, which reduces the grey energy it contains. But beware: the federal law on public procurement defines the type of procedure for a tender. Construction projects over CHF 9.575 million must be put out to public tender. The same applies to services provided by the main construction industry (e.g. carpentry work) or individual deliveries (e.g. cutting of round timber) if they exceed the threshold value of CHF 500,000 or CHF 250,000 respectively.   

New public-sector construction projects must therefore usually be put out to public tender. According to the principle of non-discrimination, no claims may be made with regard to the origin of materials. It is therefore not permissible to demand Swiss timber. The provision of wood by the client himself (in-house procurement) can be an ideal solution in such cases. Especially interesting: The degree of processing of the products is optional. In other words: Logs, sawn timber or glued products can be provided.    

Two options for in-house procurement

Direct use of timber from our own forests Indirect use of timber from our own forests
Direct use ensures that the timber felled in the company's own forests is actually used for a specific construction project. Each felled tree is planned for a specific use and its traceability is guaranteed at all times. Indirect use means that the same amount of timber is felled as is used for a specific construction project. This principle enables a forest owner to use his own resources. The wood is not used directly for the specific construction project, but the same quantities of wood are traded on the Swiss market.

To ensure that the wood from the community forests is actually used in the new school building, important points must be considered early on in the construction process.

Prozess Nutzung eigenes Holz

Taxpayers are also pleased 

Over their entire life cycle, wooden buildings are usually more economical compared to buildings made of reinforced concrete. This is why timber construction is experiencing a real boom in Europe. More and more public building owners and professional investors are turning to wood, although the planning and construction costs can be slightly higher. Factors such as a short construction period, lower heating, maintenance and dismantling costs contribute to the economic efficiency over the entire life cycle.  

There is no need to worry about fire protection. The building laws do not know any difference between materials. Because timber buildings are safe, high-rise buildings, hospitals or hotels may also be built in timber construction since 2015. This is proof that timber buildings are safe. And school buildings made of wood easily meet the sound insulation regulations.

Schulhaus Äschi

The primary school building in the Niedersimmental region of the canton of Berne has reached the limits of its capacity. For the extension, the municipality opted for wood from the surrounding forests.Learn more about the school building. 



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