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Renovation of the „Alte Trotte”, Zürich



The listed building "Alte Trotte" from the 16th century has been extensively renovated. The 12 private rooms with common kitchen, large living room as well as wet cells and common rooms offer space for up to 14 people.

Existing roof truss zoom
Existing roof truss
Reinforced supporting structure above the kitchen zoom
Reinforced supporting structure above the kitchen
Transition old building-new building (Photos © Ariel Huber) zoom
Transition old building-new building (Photos © Ariel Huber)

Das Project
The property at Nordstrasse 331 in Zurich-Wipkingen was extensively renovated. High priority was given to the preservation of the existing substance due to the protection of historical monuments. Before the renovation, the building was in poor condition. In the past, it has been continuously altered and in some cases unprofessionally adapted to the needs of the users.

The extension with a trailing roof on the west side is not protected and has been replaced by a new building in timber element construction.

After the renovation, the 3-storey residential building with screed in the attic will be used by a residential community of up to 14 people. For this purpose, maximum possible quality was set on the living conformity such as spatial qualities, infrastructure, surfaces, room climate and sound insulation, which was possible with the existing substance.

The Construction
The construction of the existing building was changed only slightly. The load-bearing structure, consisting of inlaid timber framing, quarry stone wall and timber frame construction was preserved. The layers of beams and the roof truss construction were retained and have been partially supplemented and upgraded. The single-storey extension is built in a new timber element construction method.

The Challenges
The first major challenge was to foresee in the planning stage which components would still meet the requirements of the use and the architecture after the renovation. During the construction period, the floor slabs were removed down to the primary load-bearing structure and could be recorded and upgraded accordingly. At the same time, the considerable subsidence within the ceilings was slightly compensated. For the load transfer of the floor slabs the existing pincer layer was replaced and supplemented with new beams.

Construction Data

- Construction period 2018-2019

- New building timber approx. 20m³
- Refurbished storey ceilings approx. 300m²
- Renovated and new roof areas approx. 360m²

Prestations de Timbatec

- SIA Phase 31 Preliminary project
- SIA Phase 32 Construction project
- SIA Phase 41 Tender and comparison of offers 
- SIA Phase 51 Implementation project
- Statics and construction 
- Specialist construction management and construction site inspections  

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