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House Crocodile - Lokstadt, Winterthur



Where locomotives and machines used to be built, a new district is now being developed. An urban living and working space for more than1'500 people is being created right next to the railway station. Timbatec is responsible for the wood engineering for the first building of the new district.

Visualization courtyard zoom
Visualization courtyard
Visualization facade view zoom
Visualization facade view
Building Information Model of the Wood Construction zoom
Building Information Model of the Wood Construction
Building Information Model House Crocodile zoom
Building Information Model House Crocodile

The Project

Once the Lokstadt area was the most important production plant in Switzerland for new locomotives and trains. Between 2018 and 2025, a new urban district will be built on this area according to the requirements of the 2000-Watt-Society.    

The area consists of both, valuable monumentsprotected industrial halls and modern new buildings. The refurbishments and conversions require great respect for the existing buildings, as well as technologically innovative solutions. When it comes to new construction projects, great importance is attached to sustainable building materials. For example, most new buildings are being constructed using timber. The "Crocodile" house is the first new building on the site and comprises 254 apartments in various forms.   

The Construction

The perimeter block building with an inner courtyard of 

2000 m2 is constructed as a skeleton structure. The wooden columns become a formative part of the architecture. The visible wooden structure gives a clear structure to the living spaces and creates a natural feeling of space. In the "crocodile" only the basements and the staircases are made of reinforced concrete, the rest of the building is made of wooden elements.

The Challenges

The "crocodile" is planned continuously according to the methods of Building Information Modeling (BIM). The coordination of the interfaces and the cooperation between the different participants is a big and exciting challenge, which we are happy to face.

Construction Data

- 248 apartments  

- 5'500 m³ CLT panels 

- 1'500 m³ glued laminated timber  

- 700 m³ Frame wood 

- Outside wall 320mm. Rear-ventilated and internal installation facing shell. 

- CLT ceilings 220 mm with a 100 mm chippings fill, 19 meter span 

Services Timbatec

- Statics  

- Site inspections  

- Fire protection incl. quality assurance QSS 2  

- BIM Planning of supporting structure


Building Owner
Pensimo Management AG, Stiftung Adimora
gaiwo Genossenschaft für Alters- und Invalidenwohnungen
Gesewo Genossenschaft für selbstverwaltetes Wohnen

Timber Construction Engineers
Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG

General Contractor
Implenia, Zürich


  • Holztakt und Industriemelodie

    Wooden beat and industrial melody

    Hochparterre, Issue No. 5/21 - The residential development «Krokodil» densifies the Sulzer site in Winterthur with industrial references. Wood provides the structure, but remains in the background. (Report in German)

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