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Extension of Primary School Building, Aeschi near Spiez



The primary school building in Niedersimmental in the Canton of Berne has reached its capacity limits. Wood from the municipality's own forests was used for the extension.

Interior view of the classroom zoom
Interior view of the classroom
Support of the beams on the supports zoom
Support of the beams on the supports
Support des poutres sur les supports zoom
Support des poutres sur les supports
Elastically bonded dry fill zoom
Elastically bonded dry fill

The Project

The primary schoolhouse in Aeschi near Spiez was extended by a new three-storey building in timber construction. Classrooms, group and work rooms and space for a kindergarten are in the new part of the school building. The three storeys above ground were constructed entirely in wood. The plinth and basement floors were concreted.

In the construction of the building, the future was already in mind: The interior walls are not load-bearing and thus allow maximum flexibility of use. In addition, all components are dimensioned in such a way that the school building can be extended by one storey at a later date. For this purpose, most of the forces are diverted via the wooden columns clamped at the bottom and running through the entire height of the building.

The Construction
The extension building cleverly combines solid wood and frame construction: All load-bearing walls and the floor slabs are made of glued laminated timber. The interior walls are non-load-bearing frame constructions. For the facades, largely knot-free fir boards were used.

The Challenges
Due to the use of the municipality's own wood, the planning took place very early on: Timbatec already had to provide a rough work plan at the time the trees were cut. This ensured that the right cross-sections could be obtained from the trees of the community forest. The fire protection solutions were also exciting for this project: The vertical escape routes are designed as encapsulated wooden structures.

Construction Data

- Glued laminated timber 630 m³

- Three-layer boards 900 m²

- Gypsum fibreboards 1050 m²

Services Timbatec

- SIA Phase 41 Tender and comparison of offers 
- Statics and construction 
- Expert planning fire protection
- Fire protection Quality assurance QSS2
- Cost estimate 

- Execution project and work planning

- Specialist construction management

- Construction site inspections 

JAGGI FREI BRÜGGER architekten eth htl sia ag,
3714 Frutigen

Building Owner
Gemischte Gemeinde Aeschi,
3703 Aeschi b. Spiez

Timber Construction Engineers
Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG,
3012 Bern

Timber Construction
ARGE Däpp Holzbau GmbH / Bärtschi Bau AG
ARGE Cotting GmbH / Zurbuchen Holzbau und Sägerei AG, 3703 Aeschi b. Spiez

Civil Engineer
Ramu Ingenieure AG,
3714 Frutigen

Building Physics
Weber Energie und Bauphysik AG,
3012 Bern


Müller Bernhard, Aeschi b. Spiez 

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