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Timber construction is booming and the demand for Swiss timber is high. But forest owners fear a collapse of the market because of the current situation. We provide an insight into three projects using regional timber and show how they are affected by the corona virus. Timbatec continues to rely on the natural raw material.

Wood is a naturally renewable raw material that requires only solar energy and water for its production. Harvesting and processing take place with very little energy, and the material also stores the greenhouse gas CO2. Wood from Switzerland performs even better: Native wood is not transported far, which reduces the grey energy it contains. Timbatec therefore supports the use of Swiss wood.   

The corona virus effects on the wood industry are unclear 

Because of the uncertain situation, the Bernese Forest Owners' Association is calling to abandon normal forest use for the moment. They fear a significant drop in demand for Swiss timber. In order to avoid even more emergency measures from the government, it is now important to keep construction site activity going and thus the areas of activity of the forest and timber industry. It is difficult to estimate the long-term effects of the corona virus on the use of Swiss timber. One thing is clear: anyone who wants to support the Swiss forestry and timber industry is now asking for Swiss timber.  

Three projects with local wood

The Federal Law on Public Procurement defines the nature of the procedure of a tender. Depending on the construction project and the size of the project, a public invitation to tender must be issued. According to the principle of non-discrimination, no demands may be made with regard to materials. It is therefore not permissible to demand Swiss timber. In such cases, the provision of wood by the client may be an ideal solution. Particularly interesting: the degree of processing of the products is optional. In other words: Logs, sawn timber or glued products can be provided.   

Care Home Wier - wood from the region, for the region 

The existing old people's and nursing home in Ebnat-Kappel is being replaced by a new building. A timber construction projects was an obvious choice due to more than one reason. Because timber construction projects can be prefabricated in factory buildings and thus have a much shorter construction time than solid buildings, and because there is a lot of forest in the region around Ebnat-Kappel. A timber construction with regional timber was therefore a logical choice. Around 1,400 solid cubic metres of round timber are needed. Some of this was already felled last winter. The rest will be taken from the forests by the foresters next autumn. At the moment, planning work and tenders are underway. Thanks to the home office, these activities will not be affected by the corona virus

Visualisierung des Pflegeheims Wier in Ebnat-Kappel

Visualisierung des Pflegeheims Wier in Ebnat-Kappel

Ice rink Pruntrut - regional wood for the ice hockey cup winner 

The HC Ajoie is celebrating: he is the winner of the Ice Hockey Cup and gets a new stadium. In compliance with safety and hygiene measures, the Schilliger company continues to produce multilayer boards and glued wood for the ice rink. For the supply of 2'000 m3 of softwood and 1'000 m3 of hardwood, the surrounding municipalities had joined forces and founded the "Syndicat intercommunal du District de Porrentruy (SIDP)". Timbatec developed a concept for wood use and has been accompanying the process ever since.   

The production of wooden elements in the companies Batipro and Ducret had to be stopped. At present, no date can be given for the resumption and completion of the construction work. The opening of the ice rink on October 1st is currently not guaranteed. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the ice rink can be completed as soon as possible.  

Das Holz für das Eisstadion Pruntrut steht bereit

Das Holz für das Eisstadion Pruntrut steht bereit

Schoolhouse Aeschi made of Bernese wood - our pride 

The primary school building in Bern's Frutig valley has reached the limits of its capacity. Thanks to Timbatec's persuasive efforts together with the local sawmills and carpenters, a modern timber construction now stands. Even though the project was initially planned in reinforced concrete.   

For Christian Däpp, the vice-president of the municipality, it was clear from the very beginning that the school building would have to be built with the municipality's own timber. Aeschi is the largest forest owner in the Canton of Berne. Regional companies cut the wood. The transport distances kept to a minimum.

Today, the community is delighted with a new school building - and hopes that the students will soon be able to visit it again. An inauguration ceremony is planned for 6 June 2020. Let us hope that this event can take place.

Schulhaus Äschi

Das Schulhaus Äschi wartet auf seine Schülerinnen und Schüler




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