Certificate for the "Crocodile"



Timbatec is happy about the certificate of the CO2 Institute. It confirms: The wood used in "Crocodile" has removed 6,418 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. The large-scale project is thus making its contribution to climate protection.

Where locomotives and machines used to be built, a new district is now being created right next to Winterthur railway station. The "Crocodile", is 6 to 8-storey  high and the first building of this site development. More than 250 apartments are being built in the hundred metre long and 60 metre wide timber construction.   

Best practice

Today, timber construction is "best practice" - even for large-scale projects such as the "Crocodile". And if you want to make a contribution to climate protection, you build with wood anyway. Wood is the most environmentally friendly building material in the world. It stores CO2 in the long term and has an excellent climate balance. A cubic meter wood binds a ton of carbon during its growth. The active contribution of timber constructions is impressively demonstrated in large-scale projects such as the "Crocodile" - the certificate of the CO2 Institute is proof of this. 

Zertifikat Krokodil Teil 1

The wood used in the "Crocodile" extracts 6'414 tons of CO2 from the environment. This corresponds to around 42.8 million kilometres of driving or the domestic CO2 emissions of 1,283 people per year living in Switzerland.

CO2-neutral thanks to wood 

In other words, the wood used stores about the same amount of CO2 as was produced in the manufacture of the concrete for the basement floors and stairwells. The "crocodile" is therefore CO2-neutral thanks to the wood. By comparison, if the building had been constructed conventionally with reinforced concrete ceilings and brick walls, the production of the building materials alone would have caused over 11,000 tonnes of CO2.

Zertifikat Krokodil Teil 2

Homage Gotthard Locomotive 

The Lokstadt development in Winterthur is a project of Implenia Switzerland. It is a good example of site development without a comprehensive break with the urban and architectural past. Baumberger & Stegmeier AG together with KilgaPopp Architekten AG won the architectural competition not least because of their exemplary approach to the history of the site. The name "Crocodile" is a homage to the first electric Gotthard locomotive. It was built on the Winterthur site from 1919.

Krokodil Alt und Neu

Facts and Numbers 

 With around 30,000 square metres of floor space on 8 floors, the "Crocodile" is one of the largest wooden buildings. The first residents will move into their new rented or owner-occupied apartments as early as autumn 2020.  

Quantity of wood used:

  • 5'500 m3 CLT panels 
  • 1'500 m3 Glulam 
  • 700 m3 frame wood  
  •  17'300 m2 three layer panels
  •  45'100 m2 gypsum fibre and plasterboard




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