A wooden campus for Baar



The Wiesental school in the canton of Zug is being adapted to today's needs with a replacement building. In the new school building 560 children will one day be taught. Timbatec is responsible for the statics and fire protection of the timber construction planned by the architectural office penzisbettini.

A competition was held at the end of 2018 to find a suitable project for the replacement building on the existing site of the Wiesental school in Baar. "Domino" is the name of the winning project. The school complex consisting of four buildings was designed by the Penzisbettini architectural office in Zurich. Timbatec already supported the architects during the competition phase with its know-how in the areas of fire protection and statics. Today we are pleased to be part of the project as specialist planners. The construction of the first stage is scheduled to begin in 2022, and three years later the first parts of the building will be put into operation in accordance with the Minergie-P-Eco standard.


The school complex consists of four buildings. Especially exciting is the East House with the gymnasium in the basement and the classrooms above

The South and West houses are each two-storey wooden buildings with a basement of reinforced concrete. In addition to the classrooms, these buildings contain the canteen, a caretaker's flat and technical rooms. The assembly hall and the media library are located in the single-storey and semi-submerged North building.  

The main building east is 96 metres long and 28 metres wide. The two basement floors of reinforced concrete house the technical equipment, a sports hall and the underground car park. Above this are three floors of wood for school operations. Above the triple gymnasium, a two-storey truss spans as a supporting structure. This is one of the largest half-timbered structures ever built in Switzerland.


The primary supporting structure (blue) spans the gymnasium with a width of around 28 metres.

Wood - the right building material for school buildings 

Today, school buildings are built of wood. The Wiesental school is a good example of how this is possible and sensible even for large educational buildings. Wood is a naturally renewable raw material that requires only solar energy and water for its production. Harvesting and processing take place with very little energy and the material also stores CO2. One cubic metre of wood relieves the atmosphere of around one tonne of the greenhouse gas. This is because trees convert CO2 into oxygen and carbon during growth thanks to photosynthesis.   

Wooden buildings are not only more ecological, but are usually completed faster. Thanks to the high degree of prefabrication, even large-scale projects grow rapidly and are available to pupils earlier than comparable projects using other building materials. Progressive communities today build their school buildings from wood.



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