Wildlife bridge made of wood is erected


Switzerland's first wildlife bridge made of wood is quickly taking shape. One roadway is already covered with the wooden girders. Timbatec has been committed since 1998 to ensuring that such structures can be realized from the natural raw material wood. A site visit will take place on 16.09.2020 - it still has last free places.

Wildlife bridge made of wood is erected

Traffic routes cut through the habitats of wild animals. A wooden arch structure will soon allow wildlife to safely cross the A1 highway. Construction workers are currently construction workers are assembling the wooden beams, which are over 17 meters long.

Production glued laminated timber

In order not to disrupt traffic too much, the work always takes place at night.

Long preparation
Timbatec has been involved in wildlife bridges for over years for wildlife bridges in timber construction. In 1998, Timbatec published a report, Timbatec showed that wood, as a native raw material, is a cost-effective and ecological alternative for green bridges. In 2005, the Department of the Department of Construction, Transport and Environment of the Canton of Aargau commissioned moser+colombo architektur gmbh and Timbatec with a concept study. The result was clear: wildlife overpasses over freeways can, despite high earth loads and impact forces can be realized without any problems with a timber structure.

Report WTK 1998

We are proud that together with Bänziger Partner AG we were able to plan the first wildlife overpass in timber construction in Switzerland. And we look forward to many more wildlife bridges made of wood. Because: There are still many highways that cannot be crossed by deer and wild boar. by deer and wild boar. And there is plenty of wood from which to build the bridges.

Invitation to the construction site tour
The Federal Roads Office FEDRO, the ProHolz Aargau association and we as the planning team (Bänziger Partner AG and Timbatec AG) are pleased to invite you to the construction site tour.
- Date: Wednesday 16.09.2020, 17.00 h
- Location: Waldhaus Oberholz in Suhr
- Program: short presentations, construction site tour and Apéro Riche.

Registration:Link to registration form

Visualization Bänziger Partner

3D planning of the wooden structure. It rests on cast-in-place concrete walls.

Project information Wildlife overpass Rynetel
- spans: 2 x 17.4 meters
- length: 35.6 meters (transverse to the roadway)
- width: 54 meters (longitudinal to the roadway)
- bridge area: 1922 m²
- construction costs: 13.9 million Swiss francs

- Owner: Federal Roads Office ASTRA Zofingen branch
- Planning: Engineering consortium WUEF with Bänziger Partner AG and Timbatec AG
- Execution: ARGE FERA with Aarvia Bau AG and Häring AG
- Supplier Glulam: Hüsser Leimbau AG


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