New ice rink made of Swiss wood for the freshly crowned cup winner



The HC Ajoie is ice hockey cup winner - a whole region is celebrating! Soon the Pruntruter will play in a new stadium made of wood. Thanks to the commitment of all involved and Timbatec's wood flow processes, the new ice hockey stadium is being built from wood from the surrounding community forests.

The timber construction method is experiencing a real boom in Switzerland. Apartment blocks with more than 300 apartments, hotels or sports stadiums made of wood bear witness to this.  More and more often, builders are ordering their construction projects from community-owned timber. Timbatec knows how to create posts and beams for large projects from the trees in the community forests. The ice rink in Pruntrutt is a prime example.  

Compliance with tendering procedures 

The Federal Law on Public Procurement defines the nature of the procedure of a tender. Depending on the construction project, the threshold value for the invitation procedure is 250,000 or 500,000. From a construction volume of 9.57 million Swiss francs, a public invitation to tender must be issued. In these cases Swiss timber may not be prescribed in tenders. The use of one's own wood can be an ideal solution in these cases. The provision of the wood by the building owner is particularly interesting because the degree of processing of the product is optional. The building owner can provide the timber in the form of logs, sawn timber or glued products. 

There are two different ways of using wood from own forests: When using wood directly from one's own forests, components are made exactly from the trees that the forest provides. Traceability is guaranteed at all times. The requirements for product types, quantities and qualities must be known early on.  With indirect use, foresters beat the quantity required for a construction project and make it available to a sawmill. In the case of indirect use of timber, an exchange with similar products on the Swiss market is permitted.  

Porrentruy ice rink with community-owned timber 

In Porrentruy, the existing ice rink will be completely renovated and adapted to today's needs. The new Raiffeisen Arena made of wood with 4'650 seats will be the home arena of the ice hockey cup winner HC Ajoie. The client is relying on a direct use of wood from the "Synidicat intercommunal District de Porrentruy (SIDP)".  

Timbatec already developed a concept for the use of wood in the pre-project phase and has been accompanying the process ever since. In the winter of 2018/19, ProForêt SA harvested around 2,000 m3 of softwood and 1,000 m3 of hardwood. The sawmills Yves Bernard in Sonvilier and Rais in Courcelon sawed the softwood into beams and planks. From the by-products, the Schilliger Holz company from Küsnacht glued multi-layer solid wood panels. This significantly increased the round timber yield. 

The hardwood was processed by the company Corbat in Vendlicourt. Ducret-Orges SA and Fagus Switzerland produced glulam beams from ash and beech wood for the main roof structures. 

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The next phase of the installation is planned for mid-May. The Batipro-Ducret consortium is responsible for the installation of the timber structure. 

Label Swiss Wood  

Behind the Swiss Wood label are the most important players in the Swiss forest and timber industry. It was initiated by Lignum, Holzwirtschaft Schweiz, the umbrella organisation of the Swiss forestry and timber industry. In 2009, Lignum created the Label Swiss Wood in order to strengthen the entire forest and timber industry in Switzerland in a sustainable manner. The umbrella organisation is the owner of the Swiss Wood label. The organisation Marketing Swiss Wood is supported by the Federal Office for the Environment, the industry associations and the timber industry. One of the most important objectives of Marketing Swiss Wood is the continuous and effective promotion of Swiss timber. We use targeted measures and a wide range of instruments to position Swiss timber as a strong quality brand and as a logical and natural choice for buildings and products. Together we are sending a clear signal for Swiss timber. 

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